950kv Emax GF2215/25 60g Brushless Motor

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Emax GF2215/25
Emax GF2215 Specification Sheet

New Features: Bribes for Blogging and International Shipping


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We have a new feature on the site called "User Points."  User points will allow contributing authors to earn store credit by writing quality blog entries.  Submissions will be given points up front based on what I think of the entry and then will increase (or decrease) based on clicks of the up or down arrow on each entry.  Only registered users can vote.
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User Participation

I've always wanted the site to be more than just a store.  Unfortunately, as you can see, I'm not much of a writer.  I mean, I could only come up with one post over a couple months.   Anyway, logged in users will now see a "Write Blog Entry" link under their name in the right sidebar.  There are currently five categories to choose from: | Read more »

Dirt Cheap Micro FPV

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This is a reposting of the original article, in our new user blog section.


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2.4ghz 11dB Circular Patch Antenna

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Circular Patch Antenna

High performance in a tiny package, only 3.5 inches square.  All for the same or less money than the DIY antennas!


Most Video systems use SMA while WiFi use RP-SMA

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